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Welcome to the SILO GROUP knowledge base.

This knowledge base serves as a living document repository for the following sites and more:

Primary Sites

This is the main landing page for SILO GROUP, which owns and develops all of these softwares. /

This is the official blog of the SURRO Linux project, detailing design decisions, musing, and general headway of the development effort for the project.

This is a legacy placeholder for documentation for a system called Orchard. Orchard is a scalable service orchestration system for service oriented architecture. /

This is the personal blog of the key developer and architect behind all of these products.

This is a legacy placeholder for documentation for and design decisions, musings, and general chatter on the development effort for a log aggregation system called ircthulu, that seems to be spawning other products as subsystems.

Current Projects

The source code for developed software (at least that of which is public) is located at:

Examplar is a configuration management, automation, and testing tool with minimal runtime requirements, powered entirely by JSON and should integrate with almost any existing tools or frameworks. It has no external dependencies and is written in C++.

You can read more about Examplar in the repository documentation, and also peruse its source code, linked to above.

Examplar was built as a supporting component driving the creation of SURRO Linux.

Foster is an implementation of an Examplar project that builds the installer disc ISO and the docker container for SURRO Linux, and is a critical milestone in that project. Once complete, all development efforts will be shifted towards the first alpha release of SURRO Linux.

You can read more about Foster and see its source code in the repository linked to above.

Backburner Projects

Some smaller software is occassionally developed based on need for SILO GROUP. Most of that more trivial software is posted on github:

Scallywag is a linux desktop client for The Pirate Bay reverse proxies. It automatically retrieves a list of known reverse proxies for the famous PirateBay website and allows the user to search for, and select magnet links, and begins the download using the system's XDG-configured default magnet link downloader. Written in Python and uses the GTK UI.

This is a commandline tool for DNS management through GoDaddy's API.

SILOJourn is a curses-driven journaling system designed to create massive diversity in catalogued topics.

This is a browser-based tool that solves the National Security Agency's weekly cryptographic puzzle perpetually in an automated fashion. Written in Python.

Machapi is an API engine for interaction with various social networking sites written in Python.