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Welcome to the SILO GROUP knowledge base.

This knowledge base serves as a living document repository for the following sites and more:

Primary Sites

This is the main landing page for SILO GROUP, which owns and develops all of these softwares. ( )

This is the official blog of the SURRO Linux project, detailing design decisions, musing, and general headway of the development effort for the project.

This is a legacy placeholder for documentation for a system called Orchard. Orchard is a scalable service orchestration system for service oriented architecture. ( )

This is the personal blog of the key developer and architect behind all of these products.

This is a legacy placeholder for documentation for and design decisions, musings, and general chatter on the development effort for a log aggregation system called ircthulu, that seems to be spawning other products as subsystems.

The source code for developed software (at least that of which is public) is located at:

Some software is also available on github: